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I have been toying with the ideas for the final "look".

Perhaps some '57 Chevy spears as a grille?

Or mebbe Louvres on the side of the hood?

Or on the top of the hood?

Perhaps some Buick portholes?

Staggered instead of Straight?

So many choices!

So this is what I built.

First I bent some Stainless 1" weave to match the shape of the upper grill bar. The stainless weave will end up up inside the bar.

Then I cut some pieces of stainless for the mounts.


To get the tabs in the right place first  I positioned the piece on the grill to determine where the vertical rods crossed the piece and marked them with a  magic marker.  

I used the removed portion where the vertical  to set the height by bending them forward before I cut them off. Then I bent and fed the other tavs thru the bars, cut them to length,  and bent them up around the horizontal rods.

Then the pieces were firmly crimped around the bars.

I welded them on using my mig welder and stainless steel wire so the pieces won't rust.


For the pieces that went on the curved sections I used a stretcher to mimic the curve. 


I made tabs for all the mounting points the grill bar uses to attach to the other sheetmetal. I did this for both top and bottom.


Then I built the side pieces. They were rolled to match the bend of the edge of the bar and I used a break to make the bends. These pieces are 1.25" longer than the stainless weave was high.

I cut the underside edge of the top bar to allow the end pieces to slide up and into the bar using a dremel tool.


I put a bar on both top and bottom, thus totally retaining the side pieces.

For decoration I added a cast flying eyeball. 

Here it is mounted on the car.