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Junk Yard list


Repairs needed:

  1. Repair body damage
  2. Repair Rear Window leak
  3. Tighten suspension
  4. Need carpet and door panels.
  5. Posi rear end
  6. Paint

It amazed me how may pieces can come from such a small case....

Now lessee...the hip bone is connected to that ain't it.

This is the tranny spread out out all over my workbench.


It started to rain so I shoved everything into the garage.

This is the case on the engine stand.

Junkyard listing - This is my cheat sheet for junk yard hunting. The parts in Yellow are Immediate needs.

[  ]   Rear view mirror with map light

[  ] 82-92 F-body Aluminum Driveshaft. Im looking for an aluminum driveshaft for an third gen Camaro. Came on select GTA's, Z28's, and 1LE's. RPO Code JG1

[  ]   Front springs Two such applications were for S-10 pickups and '85-92 IROC Camaros. The spring for the S-10 application, Moog # 5660, gives a stiffness of 639 lb/in at a ride height  approx. between stock and 1 inch lower  than stock for G body applications.  The spring for the IROC Camaros, Moog # 5662, gives a stiffness of 706 lb/in at a stock ride height for most G body applications.

[  ]  12 Bolt Posi rear end 3.70:1

[  ]   Aluminum Drums – Rear

[  ]  Tunneau Cover

Complete GRAY custom interior

[  ]  Wheels and Tires to be determined.

[  ]  A/C Condenser with pipes on right not left

[  ]  Moog # 5660 springs for front end (S-10 pickups and '85-92 IROC Camaros)

[  ]  Polyurethane bushings


G body Cars  are:

Buick Regal 1978-1987

Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1978-1988, El Camino 1978-1987, Malibu 1978-1981

Oldsmobile Cutlass 1978-1988

Pontiac Grand Prix 1978-1987