We pulled the body to get better access for installing the floorpan:

These pop-rivets gotta go!

Looking good so far!


Thanksgiving weekend, 2011

I got the body off and installed the missing floorpan:



Becka helped with the cleaning and even did some of the welding:

I had to re-do the work some of the previous owner did. The one floor pan was held in with just pop rivits. Drill, punch out, weld, over and over and over...

With the chassis welded up and solid, we painted it with POR15 and swapped the positions, moving the body into the garage for work, and the chassis into storage.

The wrong muffler:


Cleaned painted and mounted heat transfer boxes.

Cleaned tubes and ran heater cables and installed heater lever.

Mounted Muffler.



I wonder what these are:

One of the reasons the rebuild is taking so long is the "craftsmanship" of the Previous Owner: