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My latest Finds:

The ones with the looped handles are marked "B & C" the other one is marked "Robinson".  They are more wall art  than functional tools, but I like them!

I wasn't sure what this tool does, But for the price I couldn't pass it up. It is labled "REX" on one side and "Pat Oct 9 1900" on the other side. Google tells me it is a riviting tool for leather working:

As you might be able to see the lower anvil is spring loaded. It is made of a  hollow tube. The stroke is about 3/4".

 5-1-2011 - I picked this cool old set up at a swap today:


5/18/2011 Garage Sale find:

Nice Fairmont Ball Pien

The Brace is a Millers Falls....Very high quality

The large adjustable is a Bemis and Gall, and was owned by the B&O Railroad


The smaller adjustable is  a P.S. & W. Co. and was pateneted in 1896

A Snap-ON wrench made for the railroads


And the best is a Bonney 4081   1/2" Breaker bar


Neat hammer made of brass: