My Rat Rod
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I've decided to build a RAT ROD.

Well, sorta.

To me a "rat rod" is a toy. Usually a rusted piece of junk made up to sorta be functional, sometimes be safe, and in general....piss folks off.

The recipe seems to be to take an old vehicle, one with rust galore, bolt on some odd wheels and tires, add obnoxious embellishments, and spray the whole thing flat black. Style, flow, stance, and overall esthetics are to be IGNORED! Above all, it MUST not be pleasing to the eye, safe, reliable, and/or a vehicle a sane person might choose to use.









"barn find":


Personally, I think it fits the mentality and the maturity of the Rat-rod crowd!


So...What do ya think?

Red wheels, oversized tires, mebbe some black primer, and pinstriped? How about a couple of iron crosses hanging off the back? Mebbe some spotlights? How about we fill in the bed with some cut-up street signs?


First pics of the disassembly/cleanup:


Front axle and steering:


Finnaly...almost done. Waiting for final paint and pinstripes:


5/2011 - Pinstriped!