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On 6-2 to 6-3, 2011 we had a mini meet at Ron Lile's house.

Well, mebbe not a mini-meet, maybe a MICRO meet. Just me and Ron...LOL.

First we pulled the body from my Merc that he is chopping the top on and put it on a rotisserie:

We spent some time examining the mess and noting the areas that needed work. We found a lot of them.

We did so some metal shaping.

My Merc needed a patch here in the recess due to thinning metal and a number of pinholes and rust thru's:

So I cut out some plywood and made a hammer form:

Then we clamped it down and beat the metal into submission:

Ron used a torch to get the metal to have a little more give:

After it was removed from the form the edges were straightened:

Ta-da..... a patch panel!

We made 3 more pieces to move the Merc further toward being fininsed.

Then we pulled the motor from his Galaxy:

And a good time was had by all!


Some sneak peaks of his speedster progress: