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This is my Fender Squire Stratocaster Pro-Tone

Fender Squier Stratocaster "ProTone" This is one of those special strats which were made during 95, 96, and the lefties were apparently made in 97.  Fender opened a factory in Korea and taught them how to make a less expensive version of their American Stratocaster guitar.  At first they were using the same pick-ups and hardware as the Am Strat and were using alder wood instead of the typical low-end basswood you find on most non American strats. In effect they were making the same guitar as the American version.  This resulted in a drop in sales of American made strats because you could get the same thing for hundreds of dollars less.  So more ProTones!! It is a most EXCELLENT sounding guitar. FAR superior to my regular Korean Squier, which hs been relagated to fret practice only! 

I am saving my pennies and dimes for a Lefty Gretsch!!

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