Door swap
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I ran into several issues while replacing the 4-Door doors with 2-Door doors:


Notice that the green 2-Door door has an indentation going up whereas the Gray 4-door door is straight edged.


There is also a difference in the angle  going up around the window.


The green door went straight down to a 90 degree corner and the gray door was rounded in the corner. We cut the green door to match.


Final fitting:


Nice even gaps!!!

Welded the post in and ready to go.

These are the  ends the post showing the construction. Removal required only the careful breaking of some spot welds.


The next step is to cut the rear door skins to fit. This much came off:

After some marking and several cuts with the cutting disk:

I used this tool to create a lap joint for welding in flush.

It fits:

 On to the other side: