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I  fabbed up a new bed front from scratch. It was pretty easy. I used 2 pieces of 18 guage steel and a length of pipe:

I was project blocked for a long time fighting with the cab and the tranny tunnel. The new masked welder came to my rescue and got things moving again:

This is Clint (CLM on the HAMB) aka the new masked welder. He was the master-mind behind the bed support design.

I had some steel in the pile that was 2x3 box with a 2x2 angle welded to it. This fit nicely at the rear for a rear bed support. We notched the frame to accept the 2x2. This should make the rear nice and ridged and should also support the bedfloor nicely.

There will be more crossbracing added shortly.

The fender is riding a bit high over the wheel at the moment. Once the front fenders and running boards are installed we will lower them to fit.

More bracing:


Next the frame goes outside for sandblasting and then finish welding. I got this done over Labor Day weekend:

After sandblasting the frame was completely painted with POR-15:


Now I am mounting the bed sides and checking the fit. All the old holes will be filled.