Bead Roller
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The Harbor Fright Roller----

I found one of these used thru Craigslist:

It is a good idea for tin foil, but GROSSLY under built for working on car parts. Scary Huh?


We added about 60 pounds of steel:

I also upgraded the hardware to Grade-8 bolts.

And this stand:

Up and working! Waiting for final paint.

So this worked, but needs a proper wheel, as the handle BITES unless you have someone to turn the handle while you feed the steel. So here is how I started:

I used a piece of conduit to check the feed and "crunch" needed to make the right sized circle. Then i fed a piece of 1" square tubing into my tubing kinker using the formula I discovered on the conduit.

So I ended up with this:

After some hammering and welding it now looks like this:

With a hub and some spokes it will be a perfect wheel for driving the beadroller.



1/4/2011 --  Now I have added power.

I purchased this Stanley garage door opener motor for $9.95 on the internet from a surplus electronics supplier: 

I built a support:

Added a gear and chain:

I also added a spring return to hold up the upper wheel: