White Knight
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Show Pics

Starting Pictures as it came just off the trailer:

This is the White Knight II. The original White Knight was a 1965 Olds 442. This view is nice and clean. The underside is  rust free also. The odometer reads 77,000 miles. Came with new tires and Rally Wheels.

The nose is nice also. No problems here, except for the cracked windshield. The chrome is mostly VERY GOOD to Excellent.

OUCH!!  Ouch Number one is in the right rear. This dent should pull out ok. The bed is otherwise nice and straight.

Ouchies  Numbers 2, 3, and 4 are along the passenger side, mostly on the door. All are fixable.

The rest of the car is clean and rust free.

The interior is complete, but a total MESS. Bright spots include a Tilt wheel with cruise control, A/C upgraded stereo, and factory gauges. The seats are passable and can be used for quite a while. The Carpets and headliner are TOAST. So is the dash, unfortunately. Floor is TOTALLY solid.

The engine runs ok, but will need some attention, like a good CLEANING!! The trans is shot also. It runs forward, but not in reverse. The engine leaks a bit, so I think that it will get pulled when the tranny is repaired, and rings and valves done and all new gaskets when it goes back in. The Air conditioning needs recharging also. There is a 305 hiding under all that hose, along with a toasted TH350 Transmission.

How it is on 4/17/05: So far I have pulled  the engine/tranny  out and  the tranny is 3/4 rebuilt. The engine plan has been changed also. The 350 in the red car is going in here in place of the 305, and the 305 will live prepped and wrapped in plastic in my garage in case the buyer wants it if/when I sell this guy. sometimes having the Original engine can buy you an extra grand in negotiations!

It amazed me how may pieces can come from such a small case....

Now lessee...the hip bone is connected to the...no that ain't it.

This is the tranny spread out out all over my workbench nicely cleaned and air drying before assembly.


This is the case on the engine stand.


This is where the re-assembly progress was interrupted by my surgery. I'm not happy with the end-play so the pump is coming off again for re-spacing. 

The drivers door finally got opened and the culprit there was a BADLY damaged door latch (the one on the left) and some highly abused door hinges (the holes are about 3/4" long!). The new latch is set-up for power locks which are coming. New hinges are in hand as well.


I have spot-sprayed (and badly too, it was done hurridly so no booing!) the body nicks and bites in the paint where-ever rust or bare metal was found. It looks like shit, but it keeps it from rotting further till I can get after it properly. I would rather have to remove some paint than fix a rust hole ANYDAY!!. The badly cracked windshield has been removed and a new one is coming. The engine parts taken out during the removal are in the bed for now.



Look Ma, no windows........

6/22/05 After cleaning out the old rubber and applying Por-15 to the window channel, its ready for a new windshield.

Thar be GLASS THERE!!!


There is some minor rust under the rear window:


My poor baby in the snow.