The Builders Reasoning

1. It costs more to make a Lefty Guitar  -- Perhaps this is true. Left handed wood and Knobs that turn in different directions DO cost more money. Training your people to put the strings on in reverse order is difficult. And the engineering costs in making mirror images of all those drawings must be VERY expensive.

2. There just aren't enough sales to justify making them.  -- Well, 10% of the population is born Left handed. If the manufacturers made equal quality products at the same prices as the Righty's get, then 10% of their sales would eventually be left handed. It would seem to me that any company would like to have a 10% increase in their sales.

3. "Sorry, you are only the second person to request left handed in the last 20 years." -- (This was an actual quote!) Well, either your guitars suck eggs or you are such a small guitar maker no one cares.

4. "Just add $150 to the prices in the attached price list." -- This is just WRONG!!!!!

5. "Sorry, we are not making left handed guitars. Maybe in the future." -- Let's be narrow minded, SHALL WE?? (At least they are polite!!)

6. "The following models are available left handed:" (THREE models were listed, the company makes over 20) --  A modest beginning, but all the models were LOW END products. Don't Lefty's get better with time and need better gear too?????

7. "The Mahogany model starts as a solid chunk  of mahogany and is routed hollow by a computer controlled machine. It can't do lefty guitars." -- Ya, ya, sure sure. And it gets better: "I would charge about $500 more for a lefty in the rosewood model. -- NICE gouge for the same materials and the same amount of time and effort.

As I gather more such nonsense, I'll add it here.

What the GOOD GUYS have Said:

"There is no difference in price for left handed models. I cannot bring myself to charge more for flipping a template over." 
-- Ian Schneller - Speciman Products

So what does all this mean????

Seriously, We lefties DO understand that it is not a perfect world. None of us expect the manufacturers to make EVERY model available to us.

What we DO want is a REPRESENTATIVE selection of their instruments to be available to us AT THE SAME PRICE as the right-handers enjoy!!