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I have been given a 5 window top so I will be doing an upgrade to my cab.

I am using the advise on these two links:



Here is the top. It was cut off below the beltline and half way up the front posts. The top has rust issues around the front windows so I will be using just the windows sheetmetal.:

The first step is to get the inner panel out. Finding all the spotwelds is a bitch!

This is what ahppens when you get too close to the spot weld cutter:

Next step is to clean up the metal and take care of any dents:

This is the target vehicle:

I built a wooden dolly to roll the cab around and get good access during this effort. Please forgive the crummy phone pics! It really is level and well supported. Having it off the chassis will give me easy access when fitting and welding the windows.

The next step is to drill out the welds on one side window on the destination truck.

The plan is to do one outer window at a time. Then do each inner window.

This will maintain the structure of the cab.

So I cut out the pieces that I will be using and cleaned them up.

Then I marked the cuts on the existing cab. I opted to make the cuts at 90 degrees to the beltline rather than a fixed distance from the door jam edge. I will use but welds next to the door and along the bletline, and lap welds across the top and up the center of the cab to make fitting easier..

Then I cut out the old metal. I had removed and cleaned up the inner panel before to get at some dents in the roof so there is paint not rust inside..

The original top was installed slightly offset, so I took this opportunity to correct the error. This is the view looking down at the belt molding from above. You can see where the hole from the spot weld cut has moved almost a quarter inch.

I removed some material so the belt line looks correct now:


I used machinist bluing to size the final cuts.




I ended up cutting out the inner panel and welding in a 1" strip to bridge the gap from behind.


The edge had to be rebuilt as teh stock metal was too thin:

And on to the passenger side:

Then I discovered this mess on the drivers  side A pillerinder a half inch of bondo:


More cutting and pasting from the old roof!


Then I noticed this lum over the Passenger's door: