55 Merc
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Arrival Condition
Preping 4 floors
Da Y Block
Choping Top

I bought the car Sight unseen based upon this  picture posted on the HAMB and a critique by Brother DRAGRCR50. 

 CURRENT plans are as photo shopped below. I have a 292 Y-Block with 3 dueces and a 3-Speed for her. She will be chopped 3" and turned into a 2-door Sedan Delivery style. From this:

To this:

Or this:


As you can see from the pictures below, she needs a lot of work. I am still looking for ideas as to the interior. Glass is going to be the biggest expense as most all the glass is missing or broken. The rear upper tailgate and glass appear to be in the pile of parts inside. I CANíT WAIT TO SEE HER CLOSE UP!!!!!

She arrived home on 7-18-07. She goes on the rotisserie in October.